2A2 nightclub

The first swing Club of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.

2A2 nightclub (Boate 2A2), the first swing Club of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil (since 1995). Many swingers clubs try to imitate us, but the atmosphere of the 2A2 is unparalleled. Our environments, extremely sensual and warm, are designed for couples swingers and couples also open-minded wishing to give an "UP" in the relationship. We insist on the highest standards in everything we do. Our parties are known to be fun, mysterious and exciting, which means fun, pleasure and safety for all couples.

Our dresscode: elegant or sexy. Many of our customers choose to come in very erotic costumes, while others prefer the elegance. Whatever your particular preference order, feel free to mingle with other club goers and meet our regular customers. Couples and single women (only accompanying the couple) can participate in events every night on 2A2 while single men only are accepted the Thursday in limited numbers. Swingers from all over the country travel miles just to attend our parties unusual and sensual.

We have taxi throughout the night.

Adress: Rua Visconde de Caravelas, 176 – BOTAFOGO – Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Phone: +55 21 999486284

The 2A2 CLUB opens its doors from WEDNESDAY TO SATURDAY from 11:00 PM. Ticket per couple: R$100,00, Arriving till 01:00h AM. After this time, R$150,00. Our main focus is fun in a safe environment and for this we have our code of behaviour that must be respected. We ask all our customers to read carefully some of the most important items of this code.

THURSDAY – Open: Midi night. It is the ONLY NIGHT we allow the entry of singles. Tickets: Couples - R$ 100.00 coming in until 01AM. After this time: R$ 150,00Women: R$ 40.00. Men: R$270.00.

  • Before you leave home/hotel, combine with your partner what they can and what they cannot do and let those decisions quite clear.
  • If you hit with another couple, talk a lot and prearranged leave what can and can't happen, establishing the boundaries.
  • Once released their wife or husband to others, don't be driving performance.
  • Respect, education, good humour, patience, and especially kindness are basic requirements in a club for couples. Problems should be left at home.
  • Do not drink too much. Responsibility is key and avoids moral hangover the next day.
  • Use a condom always. Never go without it.